Briccole of Venezia

It is realized using the slats obtained from the mooring posts of Venice, in an attempt to recover a precious wood worked by nature, with low environmental impact.

Immersed in water and tempered by the salt, exposed to the weather and sculpted by shellfish, this high-quality durmast becomes, with the passing if the time, an absolutely unique wood, precious and noble for its historical value and its intrinsic characteristics.

Briccole di Venezia

it’s a production company operating in the wood flooring sector from 2015, born with the intent of producing multilayer durmast flooring, over only two years has been able to diversify and expand the range of its articles, thanks to the study and research of innovative solutions. PENTA floor today manufactures and trades finished flooring, ready for installation.

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Written on 3 September 2018

We are working on the creation of the PENTA-FLOOR platform!

Written on 01 August 2018


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